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The reasons for the plating of electroplated diamond tools to fall off

2022-10-11 08:45:54

Electroplated diamond tool refers to the method of metal electrodeposition, so that the diamond is firmly wrapped in the matrix metal matrix (steel or other materials) made of a diamond tool, it is widely used in mechanical electronics, glass, building materials, oil drilling and other industries. With the development of the economy and the progress of science and technology, the requirements for electroplated diamond tools in different industries are basically the same, that is, high efficiency, long life and high grinding accuracy. To ensure these characteristics, the coated metal must not only have high hardness and wear resistance, but also be evenly distributed in all parts of the matrix to avoid the coating falling off and shortening the tool life. In some special industries, such as the strong grinding of the magnetic material industry, the feed amount is controlled at about 0.3mm; The large amount of dry grinding in the ceramic industry is particularly demanding for the binding force between the coated metal and the steel matrix. In the production process of electroplated diamond tools, most manufacturers only pay attention to the type, hardness and wear resistance of the coated metal, and often ignore the problem of the binding force of the coated metal and the matrix. In the process of actual use, the phenomenon of coating shedding is not uncommon. In this paper, the causes of this problem are analyzed, and the solutions are briefly discussed.


Type of coating shedding


During the use of electroplated diamond tools, due to the use conditions such as the size of grinding force, temperature rise, workpiece impact and other reasons, it will cause the separation of the metal coating containing diamond from the steel substrate, which is the coating off. The coating shedding is generally local shedding, and it is rare for the coating to be completely stripped at one time. In the actual use process, there are roughly three cases of coating shedding:


(1) The coating falls off to the substrate surface: that is, the diamond-containing metal coating and the diamond-free metal substrate are separated from the steel substrate at the same time.


(2) The layer falls off to the metal substrate: that is, the diamond-free metal substrate is not separated from the steel substrate, but the diamond-containing metal coating is stripped from the metal substrate.


(3) Layer separation of diamond-containing metal coating: During the use of diamond-containing metal coating, the coated metal in contact with the workpiece is not normal wear, but abnormally flakes or powder off, and the diamond is not all off, but local granular off. This phenomenon is not easy to attract attention, and the consequence is that the product life is shorter, which often gives a false impression of poor control or wear resistance of the coated metal. Excluding the factors such as the scorching of the coating and the poor wear resistance of the coated metal when the coating is thickened, the diamond particle falling off during the normal use of the tool is visually manifested as the continuous large holes on the surface of the tool, which should be the falling off of such coating.


Causes of coating shedding


Electroplated diamond tools in the manufacturing process involves many processes, any process is not sufficient, will cause the coating off.

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