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Diamond powder little knowledge

2022-10-11 08:27:01

Generally speaking, the abrasive particle size of less than 54 microns grinding, polishing powder material is called micro-powder. The micro-powder processed by using diamond as raw material is called diamond micro-powder. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of new application fields, the particle size of many diamond micropowders has been far greater than 54 microns.


There are many kinds of diamond micro-powder, using low strength artificial diamond as raw materials, diamond micro-powder produced by crushing, purification, grading and other processes is the most common variety. Such products cover the particle size range of tens of nanometers to tens of microns, the product is cost-effective, and currently occupies most of the market share of diamond micropowder. With the continuous expansion of application fields, according to different uses, a variety of categories of diamond powder have appeared on the market.



1, according to the source of raw materials, it can be divided into natural diamond powder and artificial diamond powder.


The low-grade natural diamond that can not be used for jewelry processing can be produced by ball grinding to produce diamond micro-powder for industrial grinding and polishing, such as the post-processing of gems, precision parts, etc. With the rapid development of industry. The demand for diamond powder in the field of grinding and polishing has increased sharply, and the production of natural diamond powder is far from meeting the market demand. The appearance of synthetic diamond solves this problem, which provides sufficient raw materials for diamond micropowder. Artificial diamond powder has been widely used in grinding hard and brittle materials. As a powder material, it can be used for grinding and polishing a variety of natural gems, artificial gems, glass, ceramics and other materials. The grinding liquid and grinding paste can be used for cutting and grinding and polishing of semiconductor materials such as silicon wafers and sapphire wafers. Can also be made into a variety of products, such as precision grinding wheel, diamond composite sheet, fine grinding sheet, wire drawing die. It can be used for geological drilling, optical glass processing, metal wire production and many other fields.


2, according to the strength of raw material diamond, can be divided into high strength diamond powder and low strength diamond powder.


The former is a micro-powder produced by using high-strength diamond as raw material. Micropowder single particle strength is high, internal impurity content is low, low magnetic. The latter uses low-strength diamond as the raw material. The product has good self-sharpness.


3, according to the different crystal structure of diamond can be divided into single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder (as shown below). Due to the large output of single crystal diamond powder and wide application fields, diamond powder is generally referred to as single crystal diamond powder in the industry.


Diamond single crystal, fine grained diamond, synthetic diamond, Changsha diamond


Monocrystalline diamond micropowder is made by static pressure of diamond monocrystalline abrasive particles, after grinding, shaping treatment, using superhard materials special process method production. The particles retain the single crystal characteristics of single crystal diamond. It has a cleavage surface, and when it is impacted by external force, it preferentially breaks along the cleavage surface to reveal a new "cutting edge".


Polycrystalline diamond micropowders are micron and submicron polycrystalline particles formed by unsaturated bonding of diamond grains with a diameter of 5~10nm, with no internal isotropic cleavage plane. It has high toughness. Due to its unique structural properties, it is often used in the grinding and polishing of semiconductor materials and precision ceramics.

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