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The concept of diamond tools

2023-06-25 11:53:23

(1) Abrasive tools


Including consolidated abrasives, coated abrasives and loose abrasives, such as grinding wheel, sand tile, honing stone, shaped grinding head, diamond abrasive belt, grinding pill, grinding paste, etc.


(2) Sawing tools


Divided into two categories: one is sawing granite, marble, concrete with round data, band saw, row saw, rope saw, etc.; The other is the inner and outer circular cutting sheets for cutting metal and semiconductor materials.


(3) Drilling tools


Including geology, petroleum, coal, metallurgy and other departments of exploration and opening of the drill, reamer, and construction engineering casing drill.


(4) Cutting tools


Diamond polycrystalline composite sheet or natural large single crystal made of turning tools, boring tools, milling tools, used to finish the automobile, aircraft, precision machinery on the non-ferrous metal parts and plastic, ceramics and other non-metallic materials.


(5) Dressing tools


Shape finishing roller, correction pen, finishing block.


(6) Wire drawing mold


Diamond polycrystalline wire drawing die, drawing wire, filament, screen wire and other metal wire.


(7) Other tools


Marking knife, glass knife, carving knife, set knife, file, measuring tool probe, bearing, stylus, diamond scalpel, etc.


(8) Special instrument components


Hardness tester indenter, surface roughness tester probe, high pressure cavity anvil, internal combustion engine nozzle, high power tripole tube, infrared window, microwave, laser, diamond cooling element in large-scale integrated circuit, resistance thermometer, etc.

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