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Superhard abrasive powder is widely used in the manufacture of grinding wheels, grinding pastes, abrasives or as loose abrasives for fine grinding, grinding, polishing, polishing and super polishing. Feimeng is a leading producer of high-quality polycrystalline diamond powder, cubic boron nitride powder and single crystal diamond powder in China. As a technical expert in the production of superhard abrasive powder, Feimen has always implemented the management philosophy of 6S, 5S and IS09002 throughout the production process, and the production line is equipped with modern instruments, such as: Morphology analysis system, plasma ICP detector, laser particle size analyzer, SEM, etc., Feimen company's control of fine powder quality has completely entered the world of microscopic particles in various stages of crushing, shaping, cleaning, classification, purification, identification, storage and transportation.


Our coating technology on micro powder is also in a good position, with high surface roughness, uniformity and particle size distribution.


Product Features: Economical polycrystalline resin diamond powder, with high polishing precision and polishing efficiency


Available particle size: 0-0.25~54-80


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