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Product overview

PDG series diamond is poly-crystalline diamond superabrasive, mainly used in the resin bond diamond grinding wheel. Our boron-doped technology greatly improves the bond strength of the diamond grits, thereby increasing the retention of crystals and bonds. Polycrystalline diamond are composed of several embedded subcrystals with irregular shape and rough concave surface. It has higher grinding efficiency, longer lifetime and better finish.

PDG diamond properties

1. It has a sharp cutting Angle to maintain continuous self-sharpening. Under a certain grinding force, polycrystalline particles are easy to break along the intergranular interface. After the small subcrystals are separated from the crystal particles, the new irregular subcrystals form sharp angles on the crystal surface, instead of the whole particles falling off. This process continues until the particles are completely removed from the bond, resulting in extremely high grinding efficiency and abrasive utilization. 

2. Excellent surface finish. Consistent friablity prevents workpiece from scratch or burn. 

3. Third, longer lifetime. With the rough surface, concave Angle and the complete using of abrasive, the crystal particles are very easy to be grasped by the bond. 

4. In addition, the internal stress on the workpiece surface is small evenly distributed, which greatly improves the tools lifetime. 

Resin bonded diamond provides high grinding performance and low grinding resistance, and is widely used in all wet and dry grinding fields to process harden materials. In most cases, the resin bond system is phenolic resin or polyimide resin. In special cases, specialized resin bond are also used. The addition of suitable additives gives the resin bond a wider applicability. The combination between resin bond and abrasive is the key to precision grinding, high finishing and better grinding efficiency.

PDG diamond applications:

  1. Tungsten Carbide: Cutting and Milling tools, dies, etc

  2. Ceramics: Silicon Nitride, Porcelain, Alumina Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Glass, etc

  • PDG71
    New product, suitable for high precision grinding,
    when long tools lifetime and high efficiency is required.
  • PDG5
    Highest friability, extremely good self-sharpening ability.
  • PDG-V
    High quality resin bond diamond. Widely used in the best balance of cutting efficiency, free cutting ability and tool life.
  • PDG-F5
    new friable resin bond diamond
  • PDG-F1
    Medium toughness and friablity
  • PDG3
    Economic resin bond diamond, high grinding efficiency
  • PDG-X
    High quality resin bond diamond, providing better lifetime and cutting efficiency.
  • PDG-PS
    Economic resin bond diamond abrasive,
    Available for reservation 600/700, 600/800, 700/800!
  • PDG1
    Polycrystalline structure, medium friable and toughness. 50/60 is available
  • PDG8
    Highest toughness in PDG series, suitable for high loading grinding
  • PDG-A
    Economic polycrystalline abrasive.
    Available for reservation: 600/700, 600/800, 700/800!
  • SDG10
    High toughness mono-crystal and impact resistance, used in heavy duty grinding.
    Available size: 50/60 to 400/500, 50/60 need to order in advance.
  • SDG6
    Black color, mono-crystal diamond, suitable for resin bond and ceramic bond products, widely used in stone and jewel polishing,
  • SDG15
    Highest toughness of SDG series, yellow color, semi-blocky shape, new angel generating ability and high impact resistance, recommended for heavy duty application in grinding and polishing such granite, ceramic tiles, marble, glass.
    Avaiable size: 60/80-400/500
  • SDG8
    Yellow green mono-crystalline diamond, medium toughness and impact resistance.
    Available size 50/60-600/800. 50/60 600/800 need to order in advance.

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