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CVD Diamond for Thermal G...

Product introduction

CVD diamond produced by DC arc plasma injection method is a pure diamond with polycrystalline structure, does not contain any metal and non-metal binders, and has high thermal conductivity, which is suitable for applications with high heat dissipation requirements.

Product performance

The thermal properties of diamond are shown in the extremely high thermal conductivity of diamond, its thermal conductivity at room temperature is 1000~2000w/m.k, which is 3~5 times that of copper materials, much higher than the thermal conductivity of aluminum nitnitide, Cu-W alloy, alumina, beryllium oxide and other materials currently used, second only to natural lla type and Ib high-quality single crystal synthesized under high pressure. And the coefficient of thermal expansion is very small, but also a very good insulating material, therefore, CVD diamond is currently in high power semiconductor thermal management has an irreplaceable advantage, high power laser diode and MCMs(multi-chip three-dimensional assembly technology) is the current CVD diamond film thermal application of the two main application areas.

Main application scenarios

At present, it is mainly used as the substrate heat sink sheet of semiconductor power devices, electronic packaging substrate, etc., as the core material to play the role of heat dissipation.

  • CVD heat sink
    CVD heat sink
  • CVD heat sink
    CVD heat sink
  • CVD heat sink
    CVD heat sink
  • CVD heat sink
    CVD heat sink

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