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CBN, cubic boron nitride, is a superhard abrasive second only to diamond in hardness and superior to diamond in thermal stability. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) does not react with the iron group elements. Its hardness and chemical properties make CBN particularly suitable for grinding ferroalloys and other aerospace materials.


The grinding performance of CBN crystal is also determined by its three crushing methods.


1, block brittle form. After the cutting edge is worn, the single crystal appears block fracture, and a new cutting edge appears.


2, slightly brittle form. After the edge Angle is worn, a new cutting edge appears due to the brittleness of the micro-block.


3, slightly brittle form. The structure of the CBN microcrystal continuously provides a sharp cutting edge. High toughness CBN is used in electroplating, ceramics and metal bonding. A good brittle CBN is suitable for resin or ceramic bonding.


Materials processed by cubic boron nitride: Alloy steel (HRC>50), cast iron, tool steel (HRC>50), Super alloy (HRC>40), Stainless steel (HRC>50)


Product Features: Economical CBN, suitable for resin, ceramic, metal binder


Available size: 140/170-400/500


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