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  • Diamond powder impurities
    Diamond powder impurities
    The domestic diamond micropowder is mostly single crystal diamond of type I material as raw material, but the impurity content of type I material is high and the strength is low, which can only be use...
  • What are the application aspects of diamond powder?
    What are the application aspec...
    Diamond powder, as a kind of superhard abrasive, has a very superior grinding ability, and is increasingly valued by various industrial developed countries. The grinding ability of diamond micropowder...
  • The correct use of diamond powder
    The correct use of diamond pow...
    1. Ammonium nitrate and other amine compounds are used to decompose and destroy the structure of graphite and organic carbon black adsorbed on the surface of nano-diamond at 180℃ ~ 200℃, reduce the su...
  • Diamond basic product knowledge
    Diamond basic product knowledg...
    First, diamond grinding wheel characteristics and usesDiamond grinding wheel refers to the round consolidated grinding tool using diamond abrasive in the working layer. Compared with ordinary abrasive...
  • The foundation of diamond powder is briefly introduced
    The foundation of diamond powd...
    The diamond powder we say refers to diamond particles with a particle size finer than 60 microns, which is a very fine particle, the thickness of a hair of our normal people is also 70 microns, so the...
  • Grinding and forming of diamond powder
    Grinding and forming of diamon...
    Grinding and forming are the key links in the production of diamond powder. The previous production process was based on ball grinding, which was mainly based on grinding and had moderate low-speed me...

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