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Diamond basic product knowledge

2023-06-25 11:16:57

First, diamond grinding wheel characteristics and uses

Diamond grinding wheel refers to the round consolidated grinding tool using diamond abrasive in the working layer. Compared with ordinary abrasive wheel, it has obvious wear resistance, high efficiency, high processing precision, good thermal conductivity and long service life. It can grind hard materials such as hard alloy, glass and ceramics efficiently, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, avoid the phenomenon of workpiece burns, cracks and falling pieces, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the workpiece surface processing. It is a special tool for grinding hard and brittle materials such as hard alloy, glass, ceramics and gems.


Understand the main components of diamond grinding wheel


Diamond abrasive is one of the most important raw materials of diamond grinding wheel, in addition, the quality of the grinding wheel molding and the use of precision are very much related to the matrix, diamond grinding wheel matrix is used to undertake the abrasive layer, and in use with the flange firmly held on the grinding machine spindle, general metal bonding products use steel, alloy steel powder as the matrix, Aluminum alloy and bakelite were selected as matrix for the resin binding agent.


With the progress of The Times, the development of science, the needs of society, the development of new materials, grinding processing to the direction of high quality, high precision, high efficiency, automation continues to develop, the role of diamond grinding wheel is becoming more and more obvious, metal bond diamond grinding wheel on the grinding particle control strength is high, long life, less wear. The diamond grinding wheel gives full play to its characteristics of strong abrasion resistance and cutting ability in high-speed and ultra-high-speed high-precision grinding, especially in hard and brittle materials, and is widely used.


Diamond grinding wheel is widely used in various industrial departments and fields, such as aerospace, mold manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, optical processing manufacturing, etc., among which ceramic materials, optical materials, aircraft engine turbine blades, silicon products, etc., are multi-purpose diamond grinding wheel.

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