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Diamond powder impurities

2023-06-25 11:29:47

The domestic diamond micropowder is mostly single crystal diamond of type I material as raw material, but the impurity content of type I material is high and the strength is low, which can only be used for the product demand of the low-end market. A small number of domestic diamond powder manufacturers use type II or type III single crystal diamond as raw materials to produce diamond powder, and its processing efficiency is much larger than that of ordinary diamond powder, which can meet the high-end market demand.


Diamond powder has high hardness and good wear resistance, and is widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing and other fields. With the development and progress of science and technology, the market demand for diamond powder is increasing, and the quality requirements are also getting higher and higher. For diamond powder, the amount of impurities in the diamond powder directly affects the product quality and performance of the powder.


Impurity type


The impurities of diamond powder refer to the non-carbon components of diamond powder, which can be divided into external impurities and internal impurities. The external impurities of the particles are mainly introduced by the raw materials and the production process, including silicon, iron, nickel, calcium, magnesium, cadmium and other elements; The impurities inside the particles are introduced by the diamond synthesis process, mainly iron, nickel, cobalt, manganese, cadmium, copper and so on. The impurities in the diamond powder will affect the surface properties of the powder particles, so that the product is not easy to disperse. Impurities such as iron and nickel will also make the product produce different degrees of magnetic properties, affecting the application of micro-powder.

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