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Detection method of diamond powder

2023-06-25 11:30:53

There are many detection methods for impurity content of diamond powder: including gravimetry, atomic emission spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, etc. Different detection methods can be selected according to different requirements in the application.


Gravimetric method


Gravimetric method is suitable for the analysis and detection of total impurity content (excluding volatile substances burning at burning temperature), the main equipment is Muffle furnace, analytical balance, porcelain crucible, dryer and so on. The test method for impurity content in the fine powder product standard is the high temperature burning method: according to the regulations, the sample to be tested is taken and put into the crucible of constant weight, the crucible containing the sample to be measured is placed in the Muffle furnace and burned to constant weight at 1000℃ (temperature allowable ±20℃), the residue weight is the impurity mass, and the weight percentage is calculated.


Atomic emission spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrometry


Atomic emission spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry are suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of trace elements.


(1) Atomic emission spectroscopy: It is an analytical method that uses the atoms of various chemical elements under the excitation of external energy, and uses the characteristic radiation generated by the electronic transition from the excited state to the ground state to analyze the elements qualitatively or quantitatively. About 70 elements can be analyzed by atomic emission method. Under normal circumstances, for the determination of components of less than 1%, ppm level trace elements in diamond micropowder can be accurately measured, and this method is one of the earliest produced and developed in optical analysis. Atomic emission spectroscopy has played an important role in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of various materials in modern times. It has the advantages of multi-element simultaneous detection, fast analysis speed, low detection limit and high accuracy.


(2) Atomic absorption spectrometry: When the radiation emitted by a specific light source passes through the atomic vapor of the element to be measured, it is absorbed by its ground state atoms, and the degree of absorption can be measured for elemental analysis.

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