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Performance characteristics of diamond

2023-06-25 11:46:38

① has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, and its microhardness reaches 10000HV, which is currently known as the z hard material. Therefore, it can be used for processing cemented carbide, porcelain, high-silicon aluminum alloy and grinding plastics and other high hardness, high time grinding materials, tool durability than cemented carbide can be increased several times to dozens of times


(2) Has good thermal conductivity, low thermal shadow expansion coefficient. Therefore, there is no large thermal deformation during cutting, which is conducive to precision machining


The roughness of the column surface is small, and the cutting edge is very sharp, up to Ra0.006 ~ 0.01pm. Therefore, it is capable of thin layer cutting for ultra-precision machining. Polycrystalline diamond is mainly used in the manufacture of grinding wheels for grinding carbide tools, saw blades and grinding wheels for cutting marble and other stone products


The thermal stability of stone is low, when the cutting temperature exceeds 700 ~ 800 ° C, it will completely lose its hardness 5 diamond friction factor is low, cutting is not easy to produce chip tumor, so the processing surface quality is very high. When processing non-ferrous metals, the surface roughness can be as small as Ra0.012-0.04xm, and the processing accuracy can reach 1T5(the hole is IT6, the old standard level 1) or more.

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