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Engineering application of CVD diamond film

2023-06-25 11:49:33

Diamond has many excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as ultra-high hardness, strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. The so-called engineering application is the initiative to fully develop these mechanical properties and apply them to various fields of industry.


CVD diamond film has almost similar physical and chemical properties to single crystal diamond, and the production process is relatively simple, the application of CVD diamond coating technology to deposit diamond film on the surface of the component matrix, so that it has diamond-like properties, is a very promising engineering application project.


Integral tool


With the development of modern machining in the direction of high precision, high speed and high efficiency, the performance of the tool has been put forward quite high requirements. Therefore, the development of superhard material tools with higher wear resistance and long-term stable mechanical cutting is an inevitable trend of development.


On the one hand, natural diamond resources are extremely limited and expensive; On the other hand, due to the cleavage surface of single crystal diamond, the impact toughness is low, which limits its large-scale promotion and use in industry. Although the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tool material sintered by high temperature and high pressure method has isotropy, which solves the problem of low impact toughness of single crystalline diamond, due to the binder composition of about 5%, the service life and surface processing quality of the tool are much lower than that of natural diamond tools.


The preparation technology of CVD diamond film deposited on the surface of complex shape cemented carbide matrix with high adhesion strength and good surface smoothness has always been one of the technical problems restricting the large-scale industrial application of CVD diamond film coating tools, which greatly limits the application range of CVD diamond film.


A layer of CVD diamond film deposited on the surface of cemented carbide milling cutter can effectively enhance its wear resistance. In the processing of graphite and Al/SiC-MMCs workpieces, the advantages of diamond film as a wear-resistant material on the surface of cemented carbide tools are revealed, which lays a foundation for the further industrial application of diamond film.

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