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PDG series synthetic diamond is polycrystalline diamond superhard abrasive, mainly used in the production of resin bonded diamond grinding wheel. Feimen's boron-doped technology greatly improves the bond strength of the PDG series diamond crystals, thereby increasing the holding power of the crystals. Polycrystalline diamond particles are composed of several embedded subcrystals with irregular shape and rough concave surface. This kind of diamond has the excellent quality of high grinding efficiency, high service life and high finish.


Resin bond diamond has excellent properties:


1. First of all, it has a sharp cutting Angle to maintain continuous self-sharpening. Under a certain grinding force, polycrystalline particles are easy to break along the intergranular interface. After the small worn subcrystals are separated from the crystal particles, the new irregular subcrystals form sharp edge angles on the crystal surface, instead of the whole particles falling off. This process continues until the particles are completely removed from the binder, resulting in extremely high grinding efficiency and abrasive utilization.


2. Secondly, excellent surface finish. Due to the uniform brittleness, the machined surface does not produce scratches and burn marks.


3. Third, long service life. Due to the existence of rough surface and concave Angle and the full use of abrasive, the crystal particles are very easy to be grasped by the binder.


4. In addition, the internal stress on the surface of the workpiece is small and the internal stress is evenly distributed, which greatly improves the service life of the workpiece.


Resin bonded diamond provides high grinding performance and low grinding resistance, and is widely used in all wet and dry grinding fields to process hard materials. In most cases, the resin binding system is phenolic resin or polyimide resin. In special cases, specialized resin binders are also used. The addition of suitable additives gives the resin bond a wider applicability. The combination between resin bond and abrasive is the key to precision grinding, high finish polishing and high grinding efficiency.


Resin bond diamond applicable processing range:


1. Cemented carbide: cutting and grinding tools, drawing die, etc


2. Ceramics: silicon nitride, porcelain, alumina, silicon carbide and glass, etc


Product features: New, suitable for high-precision grinding, and the life of the grinding wheel and the shape of the grinding wheel, the requirements are relatively high application.


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