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Product overview

CBN( cubic boron nitride ), hardness is just second to diamond, but the thermal stability is better. CBN does not react with the iron family elements. Its hardness and chemical properties make CBN be the most desirable superabrasives crystal for grinding ferrous and other aeronautic materials.

CBN properties

High hardness, thermal stability and chemical inertness, as well as good infrared permeability, wider band gap and other excellent properties. Its hardness is second only to diamond, but thermal stability is better, it has better chemical stability to iron family elements. CBN has excellent grinding performance, which can process the difficult grinding materials, improve productivity, but also promote the grinding quality of the workpiece effectively.

CBN application:

Alloy Steel (HRC>50), Cast iron, Hardened Tool steel (HRC>50), Super Alloy (HRC>40), Stainless steel (HRC>50)

  • CBN-F5
    Economic CBN, suitable for resin bond, vitrified bond and metal bond system.
    Available size: 140/170-400/500
  • CBN-R
    Black monocrystal, lower toughness, slightly friable,
    Provide high cutting efficiency, long lifetime, used in resin bond.
    Available size: 80/100-400/500
  • CBN-A3
    Unique micro-fracture, shows good performance in resin and electroplated bond.
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-F1
    Good friability, black color, semi-blocky monocrystal, unique micro-fracture characteristics.
    All these bring excellent performance on the combinationin of wheel life, grinding efficiency and surface finish.
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-PS
    Economic monocrystal CBN, black color
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-B1500
    Black, medium friability and toughness, block shape, high thermal stability
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-B1700
    Black, medium and high toughness,
    stable performance, which is suitable for many applications
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-A1800
    Dark brown, irregular semi-blocky shape, medium toughness, better used in high temperature vitrified bond system, it exists superior performance in grinding life, high grinding efficiency and surface finish.
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-A5
    monocrystal, blocky shape, good toughness and thermal stability, mainly used in vitrified bond and metal bond system, with excellent lifetime, excellent grinding efficiency and high finishing.
    Available size: 60/80-400/500
  • CBN-B2000
    Black color, very high toughness and thermal stability, regular shape and macro-fracture
    features provide perfect tool life. Good for vitrified, metal and electroplated bond system.
    Available size: 30/40-400/500, 30/40-50/60 need to order in advance.
  • CBN-A2700
    Gold color, blocky shape, with the higher toughness and thermal stability in the CBN
    commonly used in electroplating and metal bond.
    Available size: 30/40-400/500, of which 30/40-50/60 need to order
  • CBN-A3100
    Gold color, monocrystalline, with higher toughness and thermal stability.
    Available size: 140/170-400/500

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