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Product Overview:


Feimen MDG diamond products offer stable mechanical properties, bulk crystals and high cleanliness surfaces. Ensure product quality and performance meet the application of metal bonded grinding wheels.


Metal bond grinding wheel application:


Metal bond grinding wheels are widely used in grinding with high profile requirements, such as the grinding and honing of hard materials such as cast iron and hardened steel.


Metal bonded grinding wheel is manufactured by powder metallurgy process. Typically, three metals, copper, nickel and iron, are used as bonding materials.


Main applications:


Cylindrical grinding, groove grinding, PCD and PCBN grinding, peel grinding, rough grinding, cutting, surface grinding, honing


Product Features: Good cubic octahedral block single crystal, very low impurity content, high impact toughness and thermal stability. Ideal for drilling and grooving of glass, ceramic materials, grinding of granite and cemented carbide.


Available size: 60/80-400/500


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