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Superhard materials conference to help our province "hardcore" development

2023-08-21 14:11:28

Superhard materials conference to help our province "hardcore" development

Henan Daily all media reporter Shi Zhe intern Makaidi

"The world's superhard materials look at China, and China's superhard materials look at Henan." On July 28, the 2023 9th China Superhard Material Industry Development Conference and Superhard material Tools and Functional Products industry chain Innovation Conference jointly sponsored by the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, Henan Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences, Henan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce opened in Zhengzhou.

This high-end event in the field of superhard materials attracted more than 300 people from more than 20 provinces and cities, including experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and financial representatives, to jointly take the pulse for the innovation of Henan's superhard materials industry, and also injected new momentum for the high-quality development of the industry.

In 1963, a man-made diamond was born in Zhengzhou Sanmill. Since then, the superhard material industry has been the dominant industry and potential industry in our province, and it is also the leading industry promoted and cultivated by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government. It has a relatively concentrated and relatively perfect industrial chain, and is in a leading position in the country and has certain comparative advantages in the world.

However, the other side of the huge production of superhard materials is that China has obvious disadvantages in the research and preparation of advanced products of superhard materials. How to overcome the "stuck neck" problem of key technologies such as high-performance superhard materials and products? How to better promote the superhard materials and products industry chain "supplement chain, strong chain, extended chain"? At this conference, there are some good voices.

"Diamond functional products have broad application prospects in ultra-precision machining, optics, thermal, semiconductor and other fields." Guo Dongming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former president of Dalian University of Technology, said that with the continuous deepening of diamond functional research, how to use the excellent sound-optic and electrothermal performance of superhard materials, constantly expand its application field, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry has become a new topic, and will also bring great opportunities for the development of Henan superhard materials industry.

An important achievement of the meeting site is that the diamond and Products branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society was inaugurated in our province.

"This is the first branch of the National society set up in our province, and it is also a major breakthrough for the Provincial Association for Science and Technology to implement the 'National Society into Henan Plan'." In the future, the branch will carry out a lot of work in organizing high-end academic exchanges, talent introduction, industrial planning, think tank consulting, science and technology evaluation, standard formulation and establishment of authoritative journals, so as to help Henan occupy the academic highland in the field of superhard materials." Provincial Science and technology association Chairman Lv Guofan said.

Li Jian, secretary-general of the Henan Mechanical Engineering Society, will serve as the branch's director general. In his view, Henan in the production of superhard materials in the world's leading position, but in the products and downstream application technology, Henan is still behind some developed provinces. "The establishment of the branch is to hope to gather all the high-end academic resources, intellectual resources and upstream and downstream industry chain market resources to Henan." I believe there will be about 10 listed companies in the superhard materials sector in Henan in the next few years." 'he said. 

The meeting also announced the establishment of the "Science and Technology to create the Central Plains" superhard material innovation consortium and unveiled. The establishment of the innovation consortium will integrate innovation resources in the field of superhard materials in Henan Province, promote the upstream and downstream integration of innovation in the entrepreneurial chain, improve the level of basic research, introduce industry-wide group standards, collaborate on key scientific and technological problems and "jam neck" technology, drive Henan to improve the overall innovation ability of the superhard materials industry, and establish a good innovation ecosystem of superhard materials and products. To build innovative industrial clusters with global influence.

At the opening ceremony, a number of cooperation projects were officially reached. Tianjin University and Henan Ruifeng Diamond Products Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to establish Tianjin University-Henan Ruifeng precision superhard diamond abrasive joint research and development center, Henan Mechanical Engineering Society "hand" Tianzhu Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate on the construction of collaborative innovation platform for diamond and products, the signing parties will integrate talents, technology, information and other resources, We will work together in the construction of innovation platforms and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to jointly promote the upgrading of the superhard materials industry.

From: Henan Daily


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