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When Lou Yangsheng investigated the development of the superhard material industry in Zhengzhou city, he emphasized on improving the modernization level of the industrial chain to achieve the advantage of reengineering and changing the track

2023-08-21 14:19:43

When Lou Yangsheng investigated the development of the superhard material industry in Zhengzhou, he stressed that he should improve the modernization level of the industrial chain and achieve the advantage of reengineering and changing the track


On March 16, Lou Yangsheng, secretary of the provincial Party Committee, visited universities, laboratories and enterprises in Zhengzhou to investigate the development of the superhard materials industry.

Superhard materials are known as "the king of materials" and "zhong Ji semiconductor", and the output of superhard materials in our province ranks D first in the country. Lou Yangsheng walked into Henan Key Laboratory of Diamond Optoelectronic Materials and Devices of Zhengzhou University to understand the research direction and scientific research achievements of the laboratory. Before the new X-ray imaging system developed by the team, Lou Yangsheng asked the system characteristics and application scenarios in detail, pointing out that it is necessary to accelerate application research, strengthen the combination of medicine and industry, further improve the resolution and reliability, and strive to achieve technological changes and equipment updates in medical testing and other fields. Lou Yangsheng told the relevant person in charge to vigorously support the scientific research projects that are on the edge of breakthrough and only need a "foot at the door", closely combine the two innovation subjects of scientific research institutes and enterprises, accelerate the process of industrialization and engineering, accelerate the seizing of new racetracks and cultivate new kinetic energy. In Zhengzhou Abrasive Grinding Institute, Lou Yangsheng understands the research and development of high-performance abrasive equipment and instruments, and emphasizes that high-end instrument and equipment manufacturing should be cultivated as an important industry, optimize resource allocation, strengthen scientific research, and promote the transformation and upgrading of high-end, intelligent and green equipment manufacturing industry. Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in the leading level of super hard tool manufacturing, Lou Yangsheng looked at the product display, pointed out that to optimize the industrial structure, actively promote the separation of industrial enterprises to develop the service industry, the organic combination of selling products and selling services, to further extend the industrial chain, enhance professionalism, enhance added value. In Henan Sifang Superhard Materials Co., LTD., Lou Yangsheng encouraged enterprises to actively participate in the formulation of standards, seize the commanding heights of industry development, and create product advantages and development advantages with standard advantages.


Lou Yangsheng presided over a symposium to listen to the report on the development of the superhard materials industry in our province, and the responsible persons of relevant enterprises, research institutes, industry associations, and provincial units made speeches. Lou Yangsheng pointed out that materials are the basis and precursor of industrial development, the development of superhard materials industry, our province has advantages, foundation, broad prospects, promising. It is necessary to deeply implement the strategy of reengineering advantages, improve and strengthen the industrial chain, accelerate the formation of industrial agglomeration advantages, and create new heights of the superhard material industry. It is necessary to strengthen the promotion of special classes, accelerate the formulation of the action plan for the development of the superhard material industry, pay attention to the project, engineering, and program, and improve the pertinence, operability, and effectiveness. It is necessary to gather innovation resources, pay close attention to the research and development of key common technologies and cutting-edge technologies, build a collaborative innovation network covering the entire industrial chain, and form a sustainable supply capacity for technological innovation. To focus on key breakthroughs, the formation of industrial alliances, upstream and downstream, supporting the left and right banks, in the cultivation of key enterprises, to create key products, to overcome key technologies, research and development of key equipment, the formation of key teams and other aspects of joint efforts, and strive to become high-end, in the key ring. It is necessary to strengthen policy support and set up special guidance funds to promote the quality and speed up the development of the industry.


Lou Yangsheng stressed that it is necessary to continue to deepen and improve the "10,000 people help 10,000 enterprises" activity, focus on improving the modernization level of the industrial chain, focus on pillar industries and strategic emerging industries, overcome difficulties, dredging blocked points, eliminating pain points, further strengthen industrial clusters, build industrial ecology, promote the pillar industry advantages to rebuild, emerging industries to cultivate and grow. Provide solid support for Henan's high-quality development with high-quality industrial development.


Chen Xing, An Wei, Song Zhenghui, Liu Shangjin and Liu Jiongtian participated in the research.


Source: Elephant politics


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