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  • Advantages of CVD diamond in semiconductor field
    Advantages of CVD diamond in s...
    The appearance and composition of CVD diamond are almost the same as natural diamond, and the physical and chemical characteristics are not much different, and no difference can be seen between the tw...
  • Advantages of CVD diamond tools in gear forming
    Advantages of CVD diamond tool...
    In large gear forming mill, the stability of size is a key link. Therefore, there is a high demand for finishing techniques. CVD diamond has obvious advantages in this respect, which can greatly impro...
  • Preparation of CVD diamond
    Preparation of CVD diamond
    At present, synthetic diamond single crystal methods can be divided into two categories: high temperature and high pressure method (HTHP), chemical vapor deposition method (CVD). The single particle s...
  • About the properties of CVD diamond
    About the properties of CVD di...
    As early as 700 BC, diamond was known to be very hard, and the English name diamond comes from the Greek word &quot;adamas&quot;, meaning &quot;invincible&quot;. If you open the material physical prop...
  • Chemical properties of diamond
    Chemical properties of diamond
    First, hydrophobicityDiamond is not wet to water, but tends to stick to oil. This hydrophobic lipophilic characteristic is determined by the nature of the non-polar bond of the diamond sp3 impurity. T...
  • Principle of diamond thermal conductivity
    Principle of diamond thermal c...
    Diamond is a cubic crystal structure, each carbon atom is a SP3 hybrid orbital with the other 4 carbon atoms to form a covalent bond, forming a regular tetrahedron, because all the valence electrons a...

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