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Feimen adopts international advanced plating technology, can be a series of products for chemical nickel plating, composite nickel plating, copper plating, titanium plating, can be plated according to customer requirements of different weight gain ratio.


Feimen conventional plating: N30,N56,Cu50,Ti,Cr; Different coatings can be customized according to customer needs.


PDG conventional nickel plating is 56% and 30%. Conventional copper plating is 50%


The products are respectively represented as: Product name +N56/NS56


Product name +N30/NS30


Product name +Cu50


CBN conventional nickel plating is 60% and 30%


The products are respectively represented as: Product name +N60/NS60


Product name +N30/NS30


N stands for electroless nickel plating and NS stands for composite nickel plating


Plating weight gain representation: The coating thickness of the surface of the superhard material particles is difficult to be directly measured, and is usually expressed by plating weight gain %.




A is the weight gain %, G1 is the superhard material weight before plating, G2 is the coating weight, G is the sum of the superhard material weight before plating and the coating weight.

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